O'Fallon Early Childhood Foundation


Our Mission

Provide all three and four year old children residing within O’Fallon Consolidated School District #90 equal access to a quality pre-school education to develop their readiness skills for entry into kindergarten.


Why the Early Childhood Foundation?

17% of District #90 students are eligible for free and reduced lunch. Most students who attend pre-K programs do better in school than those who do not. Many families cannot afford to send their children to pre-K programs. Usually these are the very same children who are in need of and can best benefit from early services.

Studies indicate that children who participate in high quality early childhood development programs tend to have:

  • higher scores on math and reading achievement tests

  • less grade retention

  • less need for special education and other remedial work

  • lower dropout rates

  • higher high school graduation rates

  • higher levels of schooling attainment

  • improved nutrition and health

  • less experience of child abuse and neglect

  • less likelihood of being a teenage parent

And are more likely to:

  • have higher employment and earnings as adults

  • pay more taxes

  • depend less on welfare

  • experience lower rates of alcohol and other drug use

  • engage in fewer criminal acts both as juveniles

  • have lower incarceration rates as adults

And their mothers:

  • have fewer additional births

  • have better nutrition and smoke less during pregnancy

  • are less likely to abuse or neglect their children

  • complete more years of schooling

  • have higher high school graduation rates

  • are more likely to be employed

  • have higher earnings

  • engage in fewer criminal acts

  • have lower alcohol and other drug abuse

  • are less likely to use welfare